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MicroDEM is a powerful application that allows you to work with maps and satellite imagery in order to view their content and merge the maps. The program allows you to analyze multiple map files and databases in a straight-forward interface. Specialists who create maps and process satellite imagery need to use a dedicated program in order to analyze and manipulate the data. GIS (geographical information system) applications come to satisfy these needs and provide multiple, s for merging and editing various file types. This application allows you to load multiple map files into your project. Thus, it can process DEM files, vector maps, popular image formats (JPG, PNG, BMP), GeoTIFF and geographic imagery datasets. In order to create a complete map you need to add multiple data layers that include landmarks, buildings, vegetation and other relevant features. The program allows you to adjust the datum of every imagery file in order to accurately align all the layers. You can also download weather maps that can be added to your projects as an overlay. Moreover, the application includes multiple measurement tools that enable you to measure distances or areas and convert geographical coordinates. Usually, GIS tools are not designed for beginners and this program makes no exception. It includes multiple advanced tools and an extensive documentation but can be hard to use if you only want to create a simple map. However, the documentation that you can download when you start the program for the first time includes references, detailed instructions and even GIS courses. Additional tutorials describe frequent operations such as comparing DEM files or manipulate GPS tracks. If you have experience in using GIS applications, MicroDEM can be a suitable tool for analyzing and creating maps. TreeDeck is an easy to use program that can help you manage trees and plants. The program is very easy to use with many keyboard shortcuts, and a powerful management tool that includes a grid-based layout where you can add trees, plants or other items to your project. Moreover, the program lets you place various items including forests and plants, lawns, fences, shrubs, swing sets and obstacles for children. You can also download forest maps that include information such as topographic maps and aerial imagery of the area. These maps make it easy for users to quickly create accurate 3D models and visualizations. When working with the program, you can quickly change trees according to the location, the environment and the tree size. You can move trees and plant items, adjust the angle of topographical maps and change the a5204a7ec7

- Easy to use tools and instructions - Free updates - Works on Windows and Android - Quick access to information - Small in size - Free to download MicroDEM Key Features: - Supports a wide range of map formats - Works on Windows and Android - Lists various specifications - Small in size - Easy to use - Intuitive interface - Documents in Russian and English - Easy to install - Free updates - Easy to use for beginners - Simple interface - Easy to install MicroDEM System Requirements: - Windows 7/8/10/Win. 10 (64 bits) or higher - 2 GB RAM - Android 4.1 or higher Click on below download button to download MicroDEM for free. MicroDEM system requirements and features You need at least 1GB of RAM to run MicroDEM. If you plan to work with large maps, you should install more RAM. As shown below, the program uses only a small amount of RAM and file space and does not eat your disk space. The programs supports every map format such as vectorial maps, photos, DEM (digital elevation model), geographic imagery and weather maps. You can view the map contents and the location of specific objects by implementing multiple layers. You can print the map on paper using the MicroDEM Viewer tool that allows you to zoom in and out of the map while you are offline. The program allows you to load multiple map data and analyze the location of objects in different distances by creating GPS tracks or creating some routes with the driver's tool. You can also download weather maps that will be added as an overlay to the current map. The program includes tools to measure distances and areas, to calculate angles, to plot polygons and to sort maps. The program includes useful tools such as the ability to zoom in and out, to create a new data layer and to display the geodetic coordinates of the current map. You can also measure the distance between points on the map, create routes and convert geographical coordinates. The tool in the MicroDEM Viewer is the zoom in and out, while the tools in the Offroad GPS toolset are used to create routes. You can use the tools described above to plot a route on the map. Using the map document in the MicroDEM Viewer, you can edit the current data and add new data layers. Furthermore, you

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