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LAUNCHED 03.18.2022

CJ's Woodwix Homemade Candles!

CJ has partnered with Bree Jacx, & is extremely excited to sell a product we are PROUD of. Homemade Wood-wick Candles crafted by CJ herself! All of our candles are made with Soy Wax & Bees Wax, Organic Essential Oils, Real Dried Flowers, & Crystals for that special touch!


Who We Are

I'm CJ! I'm 23 & have been pretty creative my entire life. I've always had my hair different colors, enjoyed makeup, painting, & now candles! I am so excited to share my products with all of you! I work really hard on each candle made to provide the very best product, so you have the best experience! 

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Who Are We
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